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Local Physical Therapy Clinic
Changes The Rules For Getting Fit

KConway Physical Therapy, Inc. introduces a comprehensive
new approach to physical fitness

Prince Frederick, MD / Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - Healthier living is something to which we nearly all aspire, but sometimes finding the right path for achieving your goal can be difficult. A guide who will gently lead, encourage, and support you along your journey towards improved health and physical wellness can often be the difference between success and failure.

Dr. Kirk Conway, one of Southern Maryland's top physical therapy specialists, recognized that sometimes patients need a little "hand holding" when beginning a fitness program. To provide a comfortable solution for those patients, he developed a Wellness Program at KConway Physical Therapy, Inc. in Prince Frederick, MD.

The KConway Health & Wellness Club was originally developed as a "next step" in the rehabilitation of physical therapy patients. For many of Dr. Conway's patients, the physical therapy they received for injuries was also their first exposure (in a long time) to exercise. Dr. Conway developed the KConway Health & Wellness Club as a way of encouraging his physical therapy patients to continue regular exercise, increasing their strength and overall fitness once their medical treatment was completed.

Dr. Conway believes that, "there are many people who have the desire to improve their physical fitness and overall health, but need some sort of structured support system to get started and stay motivated."

Quite often the exercise novice who is just beginning their fitness journey will find the typical "gym membership" intimidating, or lacking the appropriate level of personalized attention needed for success. It is with those individuals in mind that Dr. Conway decided to open his Wellness Club to the general public. As Dr. Conway stated, "Exercise can and should be fun, and it's our goal to introduce that concept to our clients."

Along with a structured and personally-tailored exercise program at their state-of-the-art facility in Prince Frederick, the KConway Health & Wellness Club provides each individual with a personal Health Coach who will guide, encourage, and support them on their path to wellness. Monthly informative seminars with experts in a range of specialties from diet and nutrition, to mental health and stress management are part of the "total-wellness program". All of this is included in one flat monthly fee, which is actually less than the average cost of a single session with a personal trainer.

In additional to the Wellness Club, KConway Physical Therapy, Inc. also has a licensed massage therapist on staff. Shelby N. Rice, L.M.T. is trained in a variety of modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Pregnancy. (Massages are not included in the monthly fee.)

Dr. Conway defines his goal as wanting to “make Calvert County the healthiest county in Maryland.” He cares deeply about the health and wellness of his patients and the community in general. As a practicing Physical Therapist since 1991, Dr. Conway helped to establish the initial Cardiac Rehabilitation Center with Calvert Memorial Hospital and has been a guest lecturer for the Southern Maryland Community College's Physical Therapy Assistant Program.

Becoming healthy can be rewarding on many levels. As we are all aware, there are seismic shifts occurring in the health insurance industry. In the future, insurance companies are likely to consider the overall fitness and lifestyle of individuals when setting insurance rates. Some employer-funded insurance plans have already begun to consider lifestyle choices in their coverage decisions. Risk factors such as smoking or obesity could actually increase the rates you pay for your insurance - so improving your health will not only improve your quality of life - it may also benefit your financial health as well!

Better health is achievable for all who desire it and the KConway Health & Wellness Club can be the path you need to achieve that goal!

KConway Physical Therapy, Inc. provides outpatient physical therapy services to residents of the region encompassing Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, and Prince George's Counties. Dr. Kirk Conway is available for interviews. For additional information about KConway Physical Therapy, please visit our website at; or call us at (410) 535-9850. Questions may also be e-mailed to:

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