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  • KConway Physical Therapy | Prince Frederick MD
  • KConway Physical Therapy | Prince Frederick MD
  • KConway Physical Therapy | Prince Frederick MD

About Us

KConway Physical Therapy, Inc. (KCPT) is located at 110 Main St in Prince Frederick, Maryland and more recently our second location has been added in Dunkirk, Maryland. Our commitment to provide quality one-on-one care to each and every patient guides all of our efforts.

Our team of therapists has a diverse professional background that allows us to develop the best rehabilitation program for each patient. We give our clients the best care possible. For us, there is no greater feeling than that of knowing we have made a positive impact on someone's life.

Mission Statement

KCPT’s mission is to create the best possible healing environment for our patients as they work back toward good health.

KConway Physical Therapy consistently seeks to be a positive outpatient rehabilitation facility. Our therapists understand the power of exercise prescription, treating the entire patient, and spending direct one-on-one time with our clients. Customer happiness and excellent clinical outcomes are what we focus on to ensure a return to optimal health and happiness for our patients. Having a dedicated healthcare team on your side will ensure you get back to your full pain-free self and not suffer with limitations.


KConway Physical Therapy | Frederickson MD

A Personal Note about our History

I founded KConway Physical Therapy, Inc. in 2007 after leaving my job of sixteen years at the outpatient physical therapy facility at our local hospital.  I have lived in this area for most of my life and I wanted to give my community a different choice when it came to their rehabilitative needs.

From the time we opened until today, every patient has counted. Our focus has always depended on treating each patient as a referral source and to that end, tracking their happiness and clinical outcomes. Our staff is fully trained and understands our company's expectations to put our patients first. During our first year in business, most of our patients were my relatives, friends, and patients from the past that found my new clinic. Through excellent clinical outcomes and years of living in this area, I have developed wonderful relationships with the local surgeons, doctors, nurses, and lawyers. They refer clients to us because they know I will personally make sure our staff takes care of them. This has allowed our company to experience continued growth.

Our culture always has been about providing excellent customer service. Our patients give us the highest compliment by referring their neighbors, friends, and family. They have become one of our best referral sources.

Thank you for your interest in our facility. My staff and I look forward to serving you.

Best Regards,
Kirk Aris Conway, P.T., D.P.T.